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WhatsHub.de - short introduction and tutorial

Imprint/General terms and conditions

1. WhatsHub is a private and non-commercial project of Terragon-Network, to create and share lists with Links (Hub) to a special Topic (Hub Name). Please report, using the contact-form, if you think that a Hub includes links to illegal or copyright protected content. You use WhatsHub on your own risk! WhatsHub is not responsible for any damage that is caused by clickig on a dangerous or insecure link on WhatsHub!!!

2. WhatsHub does not create Hubs by itself. Hubs are generated by the individual users (accounts), without being checked by the WhatsHub webmaster. After reporting (see 1.), WhatsHub checks the reported Hub and deletes the Hub if necessary.

3. By adding a new link to a Hub, WhatsHub is storing the users IP/Time, and may forward this information to official authorities, in case of illegal activities (see 1. and 2.).

4. WhatsHub does not ask for or store personal data of its users to protect the privacy.

5. Because WhatsHub is a free and private project, this service is running without any responsibility for safety or backups and without uptime guarantiee. WhatsHub may stop this service at anytime without giving a reason. In this case the data of users and Hubs may be deleted or get lost.

6. Every Hub is generally public and can be seen by everyone who knows the Hub Code. Only the user who created a Hub is able to Add and Delete Links in this Hub. It is not allowed to post links to any kind of illegal content!

7. It is not allowed to share the Hub Code of Hubs that contain Links to private content that may be legal, but is not allowed to be seen by the public or may not be seen by minors (f.e. 18+ or 21+ Adult content like pornographic or violent content, Membersite-Passwords, private Deeplinks...).